Abdullah Sameer Hates Hygiene

Abdullah Sameer, aka Solid Rock Man really hates hygiene, after all it is such an unmanly thing to do. The ultimate Alpha Male should not even be clean, he should not clean his butt after pooping nor clean up his pee on his little peewee, or wash his hands afterwards. Afterall women love the smell of poop and pee on a man, it’s much more attractive than the Lynx effect!

According to experts being clean and hygiene is so OCD! Well actually that’s according to Sameer as per his infamous tweet below:

Sameer has a bit of a form for tweeting out weird shit, this one probably ranks up there with the best.

So according to Sameer, when he was a Muslim, he had to practice as he puts it “hell of a lot” of hygiene and cleanliness. This involved practices such as cleaning oneself after defecating or urinating, making ablution before Salah (prayer), and even cleaning oneself up after intimacy. Most of these practices are normal, routine procedures for a human to keep clean and well, after all hygiene is an important practice in keeping well and healthy, but for Sameer it was just too much to keep himself clean.

In the interest of fairness, Sameer does go onto acknowledge that there is “nothing wrong” with some of these Islamic practices of cleanliness and that he still maintains some of the practices.

Of course Sameer being Sameer, he can’t help but have a dig at Islam and make up a deception. Sameer claims if you want to follow the Sunnah, then it is to use 3 rocks (Istijmar) to clean oneself with after urinating/defecating, ending with a condescending rhetorical question asking if any Muslim’s practice that. Sure the answer to that is most Muslim’s do not use Istijmar (dry material), which IS correctly a Sunnah, instead they practice another Sunnah called Istinja (using water), which is the more recommended Sunnah as it is considered a better method. Using dry materials such as stones, tissue or paper is an alternative method and is most useful when water is not available or suitable to use properly.

The link Sameer shared in his tweet doesn’t support what he tried to mislead with either, see here:


Further information on Istijmar in relation to what was discussed above can be found here:


To end, we can only conclude with the advice that if Sameer ever comes up to you to shake your hands, stay well away!

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