Abdullah Gondal and The Mysterious Exegete

A long time ago in a world far, far away lived a master Exegete whose life was shrouded in ever mystery. Some say he went by the name of Jalulud Din Tabari, others say it was Jalaluddeen Tabari, all we know is that Abdullah Gondal holds the secret to this mysterious Scholar.

Indeed, I’m just jesting. No such mysterious Scholar exists, instead we have the humorous blunders of Abdullah Gondal, one half of our resident Laurel and Hardy of the Ex Muslim world, the other half being Abdullah Sameer.

In a Youtube live stream with Sameer in March 2020, Gondal was trying to present an argument that the Quran is an argument against Islam, (we will cover the content of this in later articles). At one point in the discussion, Gondal invokes the name of Tabari, a classical Islamic scholar famous for his exegesis on the Quran. Tabari’s name is Jarir al-Tabari, however in this live discussion Gondal calls him out by the name Jalaluddin Tabari. You might be thinking what’s the big deal? Everyone makes mistakes, slip of tongues all the time. Which is true and in reality, this is a very minor point we are highlighting for light-heartedness. However, it turns out this wasn’t really an innocent slip of tongue, rather it is yet another demonstration of Abdullah Gondal’s ignorance and lack of attention to detail.

This ‘slip of tongue’ was first pointed out by Farid in his response video entitled ‘Ex Muslim attacks Quran Grammar’, it was featured as a humorous element, for a small laugh, however in a later video by Farid called ‘The Story of Jalaludden al-Tabari’, it turns out Abdullah Gondal made this ‘slip of tongue’ previously in another video he featured in dated the year 2018. It doesn’t stop there, keen eyed Twitter user’s soon discovered a tweet of his where he mentions a “Jalulud Din Tabari”.

Gondal tweeting Tabari’s name incorrectly

So it turns out Gondal did actually think Jarir al-Tabari’s name was Jalaluddeen, proven by the fact he calls him that consistently on multiple occasions. Quite hilarious as he protested at people pointing this out and laughing at him, by saying it was just a slip of tongue. It would have been wiser for Gondal to simply admit he got the name wrong, but his strong narcissism will prevent him from admitting he was ever wrong.

Gondal protesting it was a slip of tongue

For someone who is very eager on critiquing the grammar and eloquence of the Quran, we think Aloobaji Gondal needs to gain some basic literacy skills and knowledge on topics he loves to pose as an expert on, before pushing on any further in his destined-to-fail quest to debunk the Quran.

‘Farid Responds’ videos on the matter:

Ex Muslim Attacks Quran Grammar

The Story of Jalaludden al-Tabari’

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