Abdullah Gondal – The Impulsive Liar

The good brother Mansur, well known for his Speakers Corner debates, tweeted out a Youtube video of Dr Bassam Saeh’s short presentation on his works titled “The miraculous language of the Qur’an: evidence for Its divine origin”. Anyone who has watched the video will know from 15 minutes onward Dr Bassam discusses how previous works of others on Ijaz focused on the beauty of the Qur’an and how this in his opinion isn’t enough to claim the Qur’an is miraculous. This position is outlined in his book, as shown below:

Page 6 of the abridged English version of “The Miraculous Language of the Quran – Evidence of Divine Origin”

Gondal being the overconfident charlatan that he is, jumps straight in with a reply to Mansur claiming that Dr Bassam’s argument is one from beauty. Without even watching a second of the video or even reading the first word of the book he over-confidently declares this, despite Dr Bassam’s work being the very opposite, and his works stating this position very clearly.

Mansur replies back to Gondal saying it isn’t an argument from beauty:

What is Gondal’s response? That Mansur didn’t understand his point. This is a common response from Gondal whenever he gets something wrong or is shown to be wrong his retort is always “you don’t understand my point” followed by a complete change in the subject with red herrings as he does below:

We shall depart with the wise words of Imam Jalaluddin Al Tabari:

“The runner must be on the mark before the bolt, otherwise they will miss the mark”

Video presentation of Dr Bassam Saeh:

Link to Twitter Thread:

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