Gondal: ‘I Studied Islam More As An Ex Muslim’

When Gondal was a Muslim he only studied bits of Islam “to find ways to convert people to Islam” as he puts it (see below screenshot), and now that he is a Murtad, he is ‘studying it more’ in an attempt to ‘disprove’ Islam.

Quite the irony.

One might say a pitiful state of affairs too. When he was a Muslim, his faith was based on shallow foundations, lacking any knowledge or meaningfulness, which probably paved the way for his apostasy. Perhaps if he actually studied Islam properly when he was a Muslim, he would still be one, his faith fortified with knowledge and understanding.

Instead in his current state as a Murtad, with his mind firmly fixed to simply disprove Islam rather than seek the truth in matters, Gondal’s ‘study’ only involves cherry picking Hadiths in isolation and giving them his own bastardised twist, deploying confirmation bias, and over-confidently delving into topics he has no basic grounding in. Whilst he might think he is ‘studying’ more, really all he is doing is spending effort in ‘Googling’, demonstrated by his failed attempts at arguing against the Ijaz of the Qur’an. If you call any of that ‘studying’, than the term has lost all its meaning.

This is a good reminder for us, the Muslim laity, to put more effort into studying the Deen at a much greater level than just the basics we learn as a child. As an example the study of the Arabic language will open up a whole new world, allowing us to know what it is we recite. At a higher level delving into Balagha and you will see each Surah in a new light, and the entire Qur’an itself, will read like the dialogue it is, simultaneously giving us a deeper personal connection with Allah.

Afterall beneficial knowledge is one of the things that fortify our Iman.

Gondal boasting how he has studied Islam more as an Ex Muslim

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