Ace Jaceen: Love Gives Objective Morality

What is Objective Morality? Well in simple terms it is the concept that morality is universal and independent of the human mind; their emotions, feelings and opinions. These moral principles exist outside of us humans.

In an Instagram debate with a Muslim called Mohammed Abd Al-Razack, when asked a question on the topic of morality and where he, Ahson Ghafari aka Ace Jaceen, derives his objective morals from, Ace claimed it is “Love”. We don’t need to get into too many details here to discuss the absurdity of this belief.

Not only does “Love” fail at the first hurdle in being used as an objective moral source, on the simple grounds that love is an emotion, a subjective reality, and an abstract concept at that.

The absurdity continues when you think how love is capable of producing what most people would deem as immoral actions. Some people murder out of love, they will kill their partner or even their child out of love, some claim ‘Love is Love’ so Pedophilia should be accepted. People can love bad things such as drugs or fighting, and simply do many bad things out of love. Thus, it is inherently subjective and flawed being a fallible human emotion, so it cannot form a basis for any objective system.

Couple of other things to point out from this debate:

  • Ace self admittedly views everything in the world as black and white, he is incapable of grasping anything remotely complicated. The world of course is not black and white, nor is Islam.
  • He constantly uses the logical fallacy of ‘appealing to emotion’, this is not a factually grounded basis for arguments.
  • Ace claims love is divine, but doesn’t explain exactly what that means.
  • Is unable to define what consciousness is.
Ace claiming love is the universal purpose

We can also ask the questions, what exactly is Love? Why do we Love? Is Love justified? Loving one’s wife is different to loving one’s child, we can also love inanimate objects such as cars, or food like chocolate. What if things we love isn’t actually good for us? Sometimes there are things we hate which are actually good for us. Or should we just do away with ‘good’ and simply love everything for the sake of it even if it’s for something bad? Clearly love is not a black and white matter.

The rest of the ‘debate’ was a car crash, with Ace waffling from one subject to another, making unsubstantiated claims and not allowing Mohammad to respond properly, all too complicated for Ace’s simple mind, he eventually cuts the live stream abruptly and does a runner.

In essence, this argument of Ace is a philosophical nonstarter, it is incoherent pseudo-philosophy, the ramblings of a simpleton high on drugs, reminiscence of 60’s hippies shouting buzzwords whilst high on psychedelics. Perhaps we have our first Roadman hippie? Stranger things have happened…

A drug fuelled retreat run by Ace featuring 3rd eye quackery

Watch the debate here:

3 thoughts on “Ace Jaceen: Love Gives Objective Morality

  1. Aceeno really did expose his stupidity here. All logical.fallacies, bravado, and emotion. Cant believe this man is offering a $10,000 challenge. You know what they say “a fool and his money shall soon depart”


  2. Well t be honest ace is saying the truth. Right now human beings are so unconscious. Love doesn’t mean physical attraction and not only physical intercourse love is about a connection. I used to think he was very crazy but if u think of it he’s so conscious and I’ve learnt a lot about him. So please guys think before you judge.


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