The Stupid Things Ex-Muslims Say

In this piece we document the stupid things you find Ex-Muslims saying that either make you LOL or have you double face palming at the sheer boneheadedness of the comments.

We will keep this list continously updated as and when we come across those golden nuggets of stupidity.


Washing his backside after taking a poop and keeping good hygiene was too much for this person.


Islam made this guy fat, so he had to leave the religion.


This person was unable to use the Toilet in their home, obviously Islam is to blame.


This little number was a Salafi at 5 years, yes that’s right 5 years old! Amazing! They also taught at Mosque at 5 years old as dyslexis and dad was imam mosque imam!!!11


The same dyslexic person also read the Qur’an in English, their 4th language and left Islam after backing it up with Bukhari and Muslim. Whatever that means…


This Murtad couldn’t land a job. Who to blame? Well Islam obviously…


Harris seems to think Mohammed Hijab is getting his Muslim friends to criticise Apus after Apus took an embarassing intellectual battering at the hands of Hijab.

However the person in Hijab’s screenshot is infact an infamous ex Muslim called Ace Jaceen who we have written about before.

Seems like Harris is the real Broomhead.

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