Prophet Muhammad – Intimacy With Wives In One Night

The Claim

Islam critics and vitriolics make the following claim about Prophet Muhammad SAW:

  • Prophet SAW followed his desires and spent all day having sex with each of his wives.
  • He SAW was hypersexual by having sex with all his wives every night.

The Hadith

The Hadith they often cite is:

The Prophet (ﷺ) used to go around (have sexual relation with) all his wives in one night, and at that time he had nine wives.

Hadith 5068

There are a few variations in the Ahadiths of this incident.

So the Prophet had sex with his all his wives everyday, all day?

No he did not. Few points:

  • This incident didn’t take place all day long, it was only in the night.
  • This incident only happened on one night (possibly two according to some).
  • He SAW did not go around every single day and spend the entire day or night having intimacy with all his wives. This is a lie made up by anti-Islam vitriolics.

But the Hadiths suggest it was every night?

No they do not, it says one night, not every night. When put in context with other Hadith’s that explain when this occurred, this is made even more clearer. This incident happened during the farewell pilgrimage when he actually had 9 wives. It is a recommended practice to have intimacy with the spouse before going into state of Ihram for Hajj.

Aisha RA narrated:

I scented Allah’s Messenger and he went round (had sexual intercourse with) all his wives, and in the morning he was a muḥrim (after taking a bath).

Hadith 270

Was the Prophet chasing his desires?

No he was not. If he did, he could have had every desire and those that were offered to him. Quraish offered him money, women and status, he refused them all and lived a very simple, humble life, full of hardships.

The Prophet could have had all the young women around, but he was monogamous with Khadija until her death. The multiple wives came later on towards the end of his life, and most of these women were widows & divorcees that he married for specific reasons, such as to take care of the widowed, they were not out of mere desire and marrying this type of women do not fulfil what a person chasing desires would do.

Nor was the Prophet SAW hypersexual, his standard everyday practice would involve, visiting all his wives to spend time with them in non-intimate ways, and only having intimate relations with one wife each day.

Having intimate relation with one’s wife or wives is a normal practice of human beings and there is nothing wrong with this practice.


The incident of having intimate relations with all his wives in one night only happened once during the farewell pilgrimage. The Prophet SAW did not have intimacy with them all everyday or every night at other times.

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