The Desperate Drivel of a Charlatan

Last week we released our report deconstructing Gondal’s argument that the Prophet SAW was epileptic. The report has been our most viewed article so far and has reached a wide global audience. Gondal has also seen it and we came across several exchanges involving him on YouTube, where he posted his thoughts. So, we would like to point out a few interesting, reoccurring characteristics about Gondal.

Gondal’s Favourite Retort

Whenever Gondal’s arguments are refuted or deconstructed, his typical response is to shrug them off as simply him being strawmanned. This is his way of dealing with the discomfort and avoid the fact that he has been shown to be wrong. Two other major examples of the same behaviour are his reply to Halaby and Farid’s respective refutation of his presentation on the Qur’an.

Predictably, he has done the same with our report, as shown below.

Gondal’s strategy when faced with any form of critique or refutation is to resort to argumentum abusi fallacia. This is where a person resorts to false accusations of someone using a fallacious argument without actually being able to explain why.

Gondal of course has no explanation as to why, because we analysed and addressed nearly every one of his claims point for point, no matter how absurd, disingenuous or downright stupid his claims were. For the sake of argument and analysis we took his points at hand, as serious claims and in some cases, such as those that were self-refuting himself and usage of inauthentic hadiths, we were extremely charitable. Gondal won’t be able to point out a single instance where we misrepresented or strawmanned him. On the contrary, it was Gondal’s claims that were full of misrepresentation of Hadith, Epilepsy & Academic papers, which we clearly demonstrated.

The response above pretty much sums up our report. Gondal has no comeback.

We also came across several other exchanges of his in relation to Farid Responds video deconstructing his argument, every one of his response was that he has been strawmanned.

His argument had been deconstructed by an actual Epileptologist in a video analysis and breakdown with Farid. What is Gondal’s response? He was strawmanned of course. By now it should be clear how intellectually bankrupt this man is.

In Farid’s video, he and the Dr Mohamed breakdown and deconstruct major components of Gondal’s argument and go through multiple sections. Important to note here that Farid is trained and qualified in Islamic sciences, mainly the sciences of Hadith, is also a native Arabic speaker and Dr Mohamed is of course a qualified professional Doctor and expert in epilepsy with clinical experience. Gondal has no qualification and is a complete layman, illiterate in all these specialised fields.

Gondal claims that Farid and the Doctor didn’t go through all his slides and that it wasn’t a fair representation. As someone who did go through Gondal’s presentation dozens of times during our analysis, we can say that their video was a fair representation. They did not have to go through every slide, because Gondal’s argument was the same throughout, and just repeated the exact same claims with different examples. So, it only takes a few examples to debunk Gondal’s entire premise and preconceived conclusion.

The Charlatan

Going back to Gondal’s comment about our report, he further claims we are not educated in the field. This is quite ironic, as Gondal has no qualification or education in any field that he continuously delves into like an expert. He is not an Academic, he is not a Medical Doctor, he is not a Neurologist, he is not an Epileptologist, he is not a Historian, he is not a Muhaddith, he is not a Mufassir, he does not even understand Arabic. The list is endless.

The list of qualifications Gondal actually holds is as summarised below:


Yes, that’s right, none! He has no qualifications or training in either any Islamic field, Medical field or Academic field. Yet Gondal consistently posits himself like he is an expert in multiple fields and delves into subjects he has no knowledge or qualification on.

The only way to describe Gondal is as a Charlatan, he literally is the definition of a Charlatan. A Charlatan is someone who pretends or claims to have more knowledge or skill than they actually possess. This is a repeated pattern with Gondal, whether it is his comical attempt at critiquing the Qur’an or trying to use Science against Islam.

Gondal also has a severe disrespect for people who are actually qualified to speak in their fields. He disparages Academics and Scholars of Islam when he finds their material refuting his claims, he once attacked and dismissed a highly respected Professor of Neurology, Dr Hasan Aziz. He challenges qualified people on subjects he does not understand and is completely out of depth on. This is the sign of a narcissist, who overestimates his ability, displaying great overconfidence and is ignorant of his own ignorance and has no self-awareness of his own lack of ability. This is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect in the field of psychology and Gondal has this in an abundance.

The charlatan characteristics of Gondal can be summed up as below:

  • Pretends to have knowledge on subjects he doesn’t understand.
  • Pretends to be an expert on subjects he has no qualification on.
  • Lack of respect for qualified professionals.
  • Lack of respect for other intelligent people.
  • Refusal to engage, contemplate or even be charitable with views other than his own.
  • Refusal to accept when he is wrong and insistence or continuing with bad arguments in face of countervailing evidence.
  • Lack of regard for evidence.
  • Lack of regard for basic ethics and academic integrity.
  • Intellectual dishonesty and inconsistency.

Somewhat comically, Gondal reminds me of a character from the TV Show called The Simpsons. The character is called Dr Nick Riviera, who is a quack physician that studied at dubious medical schools and claims to be as good as the character Dr Hibbert, who is an actual qualified doctor. Dr Nick has no actual medical knowledge but repeatedly performs surgery and makes blunders. In one hilarious episode he stitched a man’s arm and leg the wrong way around onto his body. This sums up ‘Dr Gondal’s’ blunderous attempt at playing doctor and diagnosing the Prophet SAW.

Dr Nick with an angry patient

Gondal’s Delusions

On previous occasions, Gondal has claimed to be student of neuroscience and has alluded that he studies at a university, we are not able to corroborate if this is true, or if his statement of “I study neuroscience” is simply a form of self-study. We can be charitable and assume he is studying at University, however given his incompetence, his studying clearly has not taught him much when he makes so many mistakes, misrepresentations and displays no academic integrity. Gondal has even got his followers believing that he is a neuroscientist, which he categorically is not.

The only bit of qualification we can find on Gondal is in the pharmaceutical industry. So, it appears he is good at packing tablets into containers.

Gondal also suffers from delusions of grandeur where apparently many of his colleagues, neuroscientists and psychiatrists, have praised his work. Of course, this is completely made up and the man is a complete fantasist who will do anything to self-validate and comfort himself in front of naysayers.

Gondal ends by saying he won’t reply to anyone who argues for ‘burden of revelation’, apart from the fact that we didn’t make an argument for or against, Gondal is reducing the subject to a circular one, where he won’t accept any argument that doesn’t fit his biased conclusion. So, either you accept his debunked and dishonest argument or something else that disparages the Prophet SAW, otherwise every other explanation is by default invalid to him.

We do not expect any actual response from Gondal, nor were we seeking any response from him. There can be no further response from him, because his methodology is flawed and always will be. He relies on the Hadiths for his arguments and all his usage of Hadiths were shown to be wrong. So, he cannot get around those two factors no matter what he says or does, his argument will forever be invalid.

But Do You Speak Urdu Bro?

Another common trait of Gondal is that he likes to hide behind language. His comments below where he tells the person if they watched his Urdu version of the argument, because apparently it is much longer and detailed. Of course, not everyone speaks Urdu, so why would they watch it?

Secondly his Urdu argument uses the same methodology and claims, but is just a longer waffle of the same argument in another language. It makes no difference what other language you choose to present your claims in. His Urdu version is by virtue debunked too.

Gondal did the same with Halaby and Farid when they deconstructed his claims on the Qur’an. Gondal in a livestream with Sameer cried foul that both of them didn’t watch or refute his Urdu version which he claimed was more detailed. Both Farid and Halaby are native Arabic speakers and do not know Urdu, so why would they watch that?

The real admission here is that Gondal accepts his arguments have been undone, so he is resorting to hiding behind his Urdu videos and claiming his arguments are better there, knowing full well that these people do not know Urdu. If someone can’t understand his (same) argument in another language then he can claim victory. Infantile and desperate tactics.


Gondal concluded his presentation saying that the body of science conclusively confirms the Prophet SAW was epileptic, and that the evidence was too much and it’s a case closed. A lot of bravado and overconfidence. Now it seems after the release of our report, he is backtracking and claiming that he simplified things and that there are other explanations. Further hiding behind the hidden depth of the secret knowledge that he possesses about neuroscience and the Prophet SAW being epileptic. It doesn’t matter if you think you can blind the audience with science and chose to somehow simplify things, this was your best argument and explanation, it proved to be a diabolical and dishonest argument that was shred to pieces. We examined nearly every claim, analysed the Hadiths, carried out countless research on Epilepsy, going through volumes of academic papers and journals, examined all his case studies and papers cited, and this was us only scratching the surface. Watching Farid’s video with the Doctor, where both Farid and the Doctor touched upon points that we either didn’t cover or overlooked. Gondal’s argument literally vanished overnight and making countless lame excuses only makes him look like a bigger charlatan then he already is.

Desperate Moves

Shook by his argument being ripped to shreds, Gondal has gone running desperately to his favourite place, Google, to search for some sort of material on the epilepsy claim to save face.

Out of the cesspool his managed to fish out an obscure book by an obscure Iranian-American Psychiatrist who works with stroke patients, who also happens to be a Murtad. This Murtad was inspired by Frank Freemon’s 1976 paper, which has been thoroughly debunked. The Murtad has no Islamic training nor is he a neurologist or an epileptologist either. The Murtad repeats age old Islamophobic myths about how Islam was spread by the sword.

This book tries to diagnose the Prophet SAW with complex partial seizure and confuses many so-called symptoms with grand mal seizures, already off to a bad start. The claims in the book uses the exact same techniques and the butchering and misuse of Hadiths as Gondal did. This is the theme of all claims of epilepsy, which our report debunks universally. The claims of this book are even worse than Gondal’s, and spends much of the time repeating incorrect information and complete fabrication of historical events.

Gondal also resorts to using the appeal to authority fallacy, which is somewhat ironic. This Dr Abbas has no qualification as an epileptologist, yet Gondal conveniently dismissed Professor Dr Hasan Aziz, who has over 40 years’ experience as a physician and epileptologist, has won awards and runs a health center dealing with epilepsy, when Dr Aziz authored a peer reviewed paper debunking the epilepsy myth.

Gondal also comforts himself by saying the argument is taken seriously by experts. Another fantasy he has conjured up to add credibility to his own attempt. The book is so obscure that it barely appears in any book shops let alone in any academic resource, there appears to be no peer review of it either.

With Gondal running around desperate, this ironic statement below by Gondal fits his argument to a tee, it seems like he was projecting out a description of himself.

Final Words

With Gondal’s epilepsy argument in complete tatters, he is bringing out all the excuses in the book to save face. Gondal will resort to desperately find material to back up his claim, but there is no getting around the fact that no matter what he does or finds, the argument of epilepsy is flawed and invalid from the ground up. By now it should be clear that this individual is dishonest, disingenuous and a charlatan. Anyone who blindly continues to follow him is firmly in the camp of the unreasoned.

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