Harris Sultan’s Creepy and Perverted Thoughts

Harris Sultan is another talentless Murtad whose career is simply to obsessively talk and produce low quality material about his former faith in order to cash in the notes to keep the bank balance healthy.

He also makes some creepy, sexually perverted tweets which might indicate what kind of disturbed thoughts float around his head. We highlight two disturbing examples.


In this example we find Harris questioning why woman cannot bare their chest and breasts out in public like men. He is an Atheist, and Atheist’s tend to have questionable morality.

The breasts of a woman are sexually arousing to men, and women in the West are sexually objectified with their breasts as a result. In Islam, we have morals, objective morals, and thus the breasts are part of a woman’s modesty, that is to be covered and not displayed out for everyone to see.

For someone like Harris and his ilk, they would prefer that woman walk around topless and naked for their own sexual gratification.

He doesn’t stop there and asks why genitals cannot be displayed in public too and then goes onto make a creepy comment about showing his penis and the size of his penis.

So, this is a man who is tweeting out to the world that woman should be displaying their breasts and genitals in public and makes a perverted comment about showing his penis along with a cropped naked picture of himself. Somehow, I don’t think most women in the world will agree with the suggestion that they should walk around naked nor will they welcome a random man exposing their penis at them.

Creepy? Very.


In this second example, Harris posts up a Hadith (Bukhari 374) and then asks Ali Dawah and Muhammed Hijab, if the Prophet SAW was advocating one of his companions to have sex with his deceased daughter’s body. Just typing this fills me with disgust. Either Harris is extremely stupid or he has asked this deliberately in order to mock and insult the Prophet, his companion and his deceased daughter. Both options are equally plausible for Harris.

The Hadith he cites is narrating the funeral of one of the Prophet SAW daughter who passed away. The Prophet SAW was sitting by the side of the grave and grieving over the loss of his daughter. He asks the people in attendance if any one of them had sexual relations with their wives the previous night. The reason he asks this is because it is recommended for a person burying a body to not have been engaged in sexual activity and be in a state of mental and physical purity. One of the companions, Abu Talha, who did not have any sexual relations in the night, takes the body and buries it. That’s it. This is further clear in the same variation of the Hadith in Bukhari 1342.

However, in Harris’ disturbed mind, he imagines this to be an act of necrophilia, despite there being no suggestion at all of any such practice. The fact that such a thought even comes to his mind really shows the depravity of people of his ilk.

Another variation of the Hadith

Final Words

It seems Harris is projecting a lot of his sexual perversions. Perhaps he fantasises committing necrophilia? Perhaps he would do this with his daughter? Perhaps he would like to parade his wife or daughter naked in public too? Afterall in his Atheist worldview, where there are no objective morals, and anything goes for self pleasure, there would be nothing wrong with these practices.

Fortunately, in Islam we have objectives morals, and practices such necrophilia and public nudity is strictly forbidden.

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