Prophet Muhammad, Angel Gabriel, and Hallucinations

Introduction A claim made frequently today by anti-Islam/Muslim apologists is that the Prophet ﷺ was hallucinating when he saw Gabriel the Angel (henceforth Jibril). When we look at some of the evidence brought forth to justify this claim, we see that the people making it seem to rely upon the following points: A selective use […]

Ex Muslims, Donkey Sex and Incest

Atheists often find themselves in a conundrum with the issue of morality. Since they do not have any objective basis to form moral values from, their entire moral framework is subjective as a result. This leads to the problem of ‘anything goes’, and those who argue on moral points are often stuck on the circular […]

Ace Jaceen: Love Gives Objective Morality

What is Objective Morality? Well in simple terms it is the concept that morality is universal and independent of the human mind; their emotions, feelings and opinions. These moral principles exist outside of us humans. In an Instagram debate with a Muslim called Mohammed Abd Al-Razack, when asked a question on the topic of morality […]

Islam Made Him Fat

There are a lot of weird and wild claims out there about Islam by Murtad’s, but this is probably the first time I came across someone blaming Islam for making them fat. It seem’s like for Ex Muslim’s blaming Islam for all their life failures is a common trait, this time it is their over […]

Gondal Wants To Dig Up A Grave

In his vain attempts to debunk the Qur’an, Gondal has been flip floping between several contradictory arguments that have lately all come crashing down on him. So far some of his arguments have been: The Qur’an plagiarised pre-Islamic Poetry The Qur’an has made up a new language and rhetorical devices The Qur’an plagiarised the Gospel […]

Gondal’s Confusion With The Term Unlettered

Gondal appears to be a bit confused with the terms Unlettered and Illiterate. In a Facebook discussion with another person, this person mentioned that Prophet Muhammad SAW was illiterate, the meaning of illiterate being: It is a well known fact that Prophet Muhammad SAW was illiterate, in that he didn’t know how to read or […]

Abdullah Gondal – The Impulsive Liar

The good brother Mansur, well known for his Speakers Corner debates, tweeted out a Youtube video of Dr Bassam Saeh’s short presentation on his works titled “The miraculous language of the Qur’an: evidence for Its divine origin”. Anyone who has watched the video will know from 15 minutes onward Dr Bassam discusses how previous works […]