The Desperate Drivel of a Charlatan

Last week we released our report deconstructing Gondal’s argument that the Prophet SAW was epileptic. The report has been our most viewed article so far and has reached a wide global audience. Gondal has also seen it and we came across several exchanges involving him on YouTube, where he posted his thoughts. So, we would […]

The Sameer and Gondal Comedy Show

In this piece we document the stupid and comical antics of the Murtad duo Abdullah Sameer and Gondal. A demonstratation of their sheer incompetence, ignorance and downright dishonesty. We will keep this list continously updated as and when we come across those nuggets of stupidity. #1 Here Sameer thinks Plato’s cave allegory supports his worldview. […]

Ex Muslims, Donkey Sex and Incest

Atheists often find themselves in a conundrum with the issue of morality. Since they do not have any objective basis to form moral values from, their entire moral framework is subjective as a result. This leads to the problem of ‘anything goes’, and those who argue on moral points are often stuck on the circular […]

Abdullah Sameer Hates Hygiene

Abdullah Sameer, aka Solid Rock Man really hates hygiene, after all it is such an unmanly thing to do. The ultimate Alpha Male should not even be clean, he should not clean his butt after pooping nor clean up his pee on his little peewee, or wash his hands afterwards. Afterall women love the smell […]